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Hey! I am Alex. IT entrepreneur and I decide write my first post here. I have my own blog last three years. What about my blog? I want to think that it’s yet another men’s journal in my subjective. It name is GBJournal and I want to try write some opinion about classic dress, shoes, drinks, sail boats etc Today, I want to tell you about my favorite wine.

It is not my personal rating of a good wine, but there are examples — which I remember right now and I still remember their aroma and the first sip. I will warn you right away that there will not be any “grand cru” here, ordinary wine that can be bought in any winery. When I collected this list, I was extremely surprised that there are only two bottles of red … Earlier, when I was still skeptical about wine, for me nothing except red existed at all. White I considered some kind of pampering for girls. I generally keep quiet about the rose. Now I understand that 80% of the wine that I drink a year is white. Probably, in view of the fact that it is quite difficult for me personally to find an affordable and not tart red.

So let’s go

Giorgoba, Natural Kvevri Reserve Saperavi
Dear Georgians are the first on our list. Several years ago, in one of the restaurants in St. Petersburg, I ate some kind of bird and looked at the wine list, where I did not know a single wine. I don’t remember why the choice fell on him, but it was probably the cheapest one. When I tried it, I realized for sure that up to this point nothing so structured, not catchy and balanced had been drinking for sure. It was very subtle in terms of flavor and matched perfectly to the grill I ate. I asked the waiters what kind of wine it was and she simply and briefly said “Giorgoba”. Well ok … thanks … I was expecting some more pretentious answer from a heap of words, but it will be fine. Arriving home, of course I started looking for him. But it turned out that they cannot be found in a conditional intersection, and in general there are not so many offers in the city. After a while, I periodically watching the situation with this bottle — everything was the same. Last week I placed an order for Winstyle, they also did not have it at the moment. But in the city, in specialized stores, it began to appear. In general, if you search, you will find it. Highly recommend!

Blanc de Barat, Bordeaux Sauvignon
The next story is about the French. Once I was sitting on a summer day off and writing an article in our blog about the classification of French wines and appellations. While I was reading some facts and something new for myself, I came across an article where they described Bordeaux and his wine in all colors. The article was so juicy that I just got up and walked across the river to the nearest Land store and stood for about 25 minutes choosing a bottle for myself within the budget. I bought it, brought it, my wife was cooking something, I don’t remember. It didn’t matter, it was necessary to drink this vaunted Bordeaux! It was Sauvignon Blanc, which until that moment I was not at all a fan, but … now I know exactly which Sauvignon is good, and which is just a liquid in a bottle with the inscription “wine”. My wife also came in, everyone did not drink, they even decided to stretch the bottle two or three times.
For rating lovers:
Vivino 3.4

Let’s move on to the wine that I learned about from Proust. These, how to say, French soldiers, of the time of Napoleon, in their privileged regiments drank either champagne or Sauternes. Once I read about him, two, three .. I got interested. I go to Google, I teach materiel. It turns out the manufacturing process is quite complicated, hence the not the most democratic price tag. I remembered it and put it in the wishlist. One day, in anticipation of a meeting, I went into a wine bar in the area, took the menu and saw a Sauternes that caught my eye. Ordered naturally. Oh, how fragrant it is …. and sweet! Which was an absolute surprise, but very mild. This absolutely does not interfere with anything, on the contrary, it becomes more corpulent. After a couple of years, I learned that all sauternes are, in general, sweet. I really liked it. Just ordered a bottle the other day.

Separately, I would like to note the fashionable now New Zealand sauvignons. How many have not tried them — I liked everything. Those. I would repeat each of them in my refrigerator.

The final will be about California. I heard a lot about their wines, it has become a respected region of winemaking as I understand it. So, I lived in Los Angeles for several months 2 years ago and remembered that wine is made here! And unlike Russian prices, here they are adequate. I wrote to a sommelier friend and say I’m here, what would you advise? Russian Valley says, take pinot noir. At first I thought it was a joke, it turned out that there really is such a Russian River valley and there is a Pinot from it in almost every store. The wine does not shine with straight colors, but it is very calm and, again, balanced. Fortunately, we had a grill at home and we combined this with steaks. So go for it, try it!

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